Genesis II

Genesis II Room

This space is an Arkansas Institution! People have been gathering here since the Seventies enjoying the Atmosphere, Food, Beverage, Entertainment and Each Others Company.

Since 1994 our guests have been "Celebrating The Times of Their Lives" with Us.

Used in conjunction with the Genesis I room, this space can comfortably accomodate up to 200 people reception stlye, up to 125 informal dinner seating, and up to 85 for a formal dinner.

The ambiance of the Genesis II Room is Hard to Match in the City.

Combining the Ambiance with the Spaces Versatility makes it really "Something Special".

Experiencing these Two Elements as well as enjoying The Premium Products and Services that Next Level Events Provides, means there really isn't a More Ideal Location for Your Event.

From the moment You and Your Guests Arrive, You are enveloped in a sense of exclusivity..... Every movement is geared towards individual satisfaction.

The Realization that Everything in the Space(s) is Yours and Your Guests solely is a feeling that is Priceless...

**Minimums are required on the weekends and the Month of December.